Art Provider

The Art Provider is the coordinator of art experiences who books the performances and has contact with the school about practical and logistical matters. They provide information and support to the Culture Contact and may organize courses for the Culture Crew or provide necessary course material. Here are some tips that you can consider:

1. Courses for Culture Crew

Organize a course for the Culture Crew
  • Host a daylong course for the Culture Crew and make it a special occasion. Focus om making the role meaningful. Mix schools from a municipality or region. Pizza is usually a hit.
  • Divide the students into groups and let them explore specific areas, such as presentation skills or media work. Consider starting your own media team that can inform students, review performances and interview performers, teachers and students.
  • Use the opportunity to speak with the Culture Contacts and give them the possibility to exchange experiences and ideas.
  • If it is hard to reach everyone, why not create a course pack? See an example from Finland below.
  • You can read more about how to organize a course for the Culture Crew below.

2. Encourage networking

Establish a network for those you work closely with

Meeting colleagues who have the same role as you, prevents you from feeling alone and allows you to develop and grow. It gives inspiration and energy that keeps you going.

  • Have regular annual meetings where the agenda can be to discuss challenges, share good examples/practices/productions and share information from the art provider.

Suggestions for those in need of a network are:

  • Culture Contacts in schools
  • Art Providers in the municipalities or in the regions

3. Provide promotional materials for the schools

Make a video teaser of coming performances
  • Ask artists to send a selfie video that presents their performance. The video is for the teachers and students to watch before the performance is due and should give an idea of what they can expect.
  • Make a video presentation of the coming year’s programme for the teachers to watch at the beginning of the semester or school year.
  • See tips on making a video teaser below.
Make a poster template for coming performances
  • Make a template poster of individual performances that schools can print out and fill in with date, time, classes, etc. Don’t underestimate the effect of an analogue poster, even though digital means are the norm.

4. Focus on evaluation, feedback and action

Getting feedback is easily lost in a busy day-to-day workday, but it is an effective way to learn and improve our way of doing things and allows us to take action when needed.

  • Create and distribute a digital evaluation form for the schools (target group: students). Explain why they should complete the form and how you will use the results.
  • Create and distribute a digital evaluation form for the artists. Explain why they should complete the form and how you will use the results.

Published: 20.12.2023 Updated: 21.02.2024 kl.14:45