The WOW Experience – giving more pupils meaningful art experiences

Picture of children experiencing art
Foto: Erik Brandsborg/Kulturtanken


Natasha Peevor-Johnson




23.05.2024 kl.14:22

What makes a professional performing art experience stand out? What makes sharing that art experience special?

The quality of the art experience itself, of course, but what other factors affect us? What if you’re a pupil and the art experience is in a school context?

Toolbox for schools and art providors

The WOW Experience brings four countries and nine partners from the school and culture sectors together to explore and exchange best practices on exactly this; How can we give more pupils meaningful art experiences? The project is funded by Erasmus+ and will result in a simple toolbox that offers suggestions to how schools and art providers can work together to further improve the art experiences of pupils. And we hope that the toolbox will prove useful to schools and art providers outside of the partnership as well. 

Covid-19 has provided us with a long wait, but we’re finally ready to go and are planning our first meeting in Norway at the end of May - in the municipalities of Tønsberg and Færder. We can’t wait! 

For more information about the project and the partners involved, you can explore our website.