3 QUESTIONS CHECKIN - Q&A with an art provider in Iceland

Foto: Anna Fjóla Gísladóttir


Natasha Peevor-Johnson




29.01.2024 kl.08:59

In a series of short interviews we explore the thoughts various interested parties have on art experiences for young audiences. In our second interview we meet Elfa Lilja Gísladóttir, the project manager of List fyrir alla in Iceland, a partner in The WOW Experience.

About Elfa Lilja Gísladóttir and List fyrir alla (Art for all)

List fyrir alla (Art for all) is a cultural project for children and youth with the aim to choose and produce art events nationwide to give all children and youth equal opportunities in experiencing diverse and elaborate art events, regardless of their residential and economic situation.

I am a music teacher,  I meet my 7-8 years old students twice a week in the music school. I am also a mother of three great grown up boys. My new role as a grandmother is my favorite role at the moment – two little boys stealing my heart right now.

A proud grandmother


What is the biggest difference between performing before an adult or a young audience and what is your best memory from a performance before a young audience? 

Children are open minded and without a filter. They share their opinion and they listen with their body and senses.  Here is a very good example and a good memory from the Big Bang Music Festival last april: After attending a concert, a kid went home and drew a picture from what it just experienced and wrote following words in the frame „This was the best theater show ever“ – the child sitting next to it answer YESS! „Who does that, except a child? Children are demanding audiences and deserve only the best.

An art experience that left a big impression

What would you most wish for in the collaboration between you, the art provider and the school? 

My wish in the next two to three years is that in every single elementary school in Iceland we have a culture contact. Art teacher, school director or someone who understands the importance of art. The culture contact finds ways to give the pupils more knowledge and experience in art and culture both inside the school like having artproject visiting the school but also visiting cultural institution in the surrounding area.