Konserttikeskus ry - Concert Centre Finland

  • Catchment area: Finland
  • 700 schools
  • 150 000 pupils
  • All ages
  • 1-2 art experiences per pupil. Have a fixed agreement with some municipalities.
  • Where: At school and occasionally in culture houses.
  • Genres: Music

Representatives in WOW: Noora Herranen, Seija Pakarinen and Ville Kekalainen.


Iittalan Comprehensive School

  • Number of pupils: 380
  • Ages: 7-16 years old
  • All pupils take part in 1-3 professional art experiences each year. This varies from year to year.
  • Where: At school and in culture houses/concert halls/theatres.
  • Genres: Music, theatre/dance and visual arts.

Representatives in WOW: Anne Laatikainen (Principle), Kalle Manninen and Hanna Kokko.