3 QUESTIONS CHECKIN - Q&A with teacher from Norway

Astrid Utnes


Anna B Jørgensen




29.01.2024 kl.09.15

Q&A med Astrid Utnes, teacher in Norwegian language, music and maths at Teigar Secondary School

Q1: What is your best memory from a concert or performing art experience?  

Maxida Marak (swedish/sami rapper and activist) because it was so professional. 

Q2: Do you believe that art and culture are important for the development of children and young people?  


Q3: Do you use professional art experiences in your efforts to reach academic or social goals for your pupils? 

Yes, for example by reading a novel or watching a film and experiencing how it is to be another human entirely = social learning. 

In addition to looking at the measures that have been used and learning how to utilize these oneself AND gaining an insight into how we are influenced = becoming critical and experienced receivers / perceivers of arts and culture.