My EYE on the European parlament

In front of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg




30.10.2022 kl.12:42

Nøtterøy International Program traveled to Strasbourg 31. May-3. June to participate in the European Youth Event, along with 8000 dedicated European teenagers.

The European Youth Event consisted of debates, role plays, workshops and shows where politicians, MEPs, and other influential people spoke.
The event started on Friday 01.06.2018, with an accreditation of the group. The queues were long due to a big engagement around the event; because of the events being political, the entire event could have been a big target for terrorists, therefore many security checks took place.

Most of the events were interactive, which meant that all participants could contribute with personal thoughts and concerns. This also meant that we got the perspective of different EU citizens. Participants from countries like Germany, the Netherlands and France, could choose to speak in their first language. In these cases, there were people translating to different languages, on different channels, so everyone could understand everything.  

The first event we went to was called “EU-Turkey relations: A bazaar of deals, delights and disappointments”. Our contribution to this event was random, as we had no intentions to join in the first place. Nevertheless, it was a very thought-provoking debate, which taught us a lot.

The second event we went to was a debate about Artificial Intelligence and how to tackle the prevalence of AI technology in the EU. It featured one of the top politicians in the EU parliament, which made the debate more formal.

Amongst many debates about EU relations, we went to a conference with the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli. He spoke about his life in space and career, in addition to life struggles, motivation, and training program. We found it highly interesting, as we have never had a similar experience.

Saturday was the last day of the event, therefore we visited some tourist attractions on Sunday. We walked through Petite France, walked up the Cathedral in the city centre, and walked along the river Ill. We had a very nice trip and learned a lot about the EU and the future of the EU.

Written by NIP students: Eskil Matias Molstad, Lilja Sandven Lundevold, Kari Lia Røkaas, Eline Mathiesen and Hanna Jacobsen

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