Welcome to election day!


Josephine Veloz-Roca, Eva Naikute og Mikkel Kjærstad 1STD




30.10.2022 kl.12:42

The election for president in the United States is soon to be held. On November the 3rd this excitement is to be decided.

The Republican Party has nominated current President Donald Trump, while The Democratic Party has their hopes on former Vice President Joe Biden. This is an important day not only for the Americans but also for the rest of the world.

In connection with the upcoming election, many of the 1st graders from ST and the 2nd graders from HO at Nøtterøy Videregående have worked with the campaign. The students have made election material, such as posters, drawings and hats. The whole school is decorated in the American colors, red, blue and white.

On November the 4 rd, half past six in the morning, many of the students will attend the election vigil. We will broadcast the show in the student’s classroom and breakfast will be served. The local newspaper Tønsberg’s Blad will drop by during the day. It will be exciting to see if Donald Trump gets a second period in the White House or if Joe Biden takes over as US leader. We are looking forward to this day! May the best man win.